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Leadership Development
Develop Your Key Managers into Your Next Generation of Leaders

As a leader, do you have a lot of “noise” or distractions in your business?  Do you…

    • Feel anxiety and doubt about the business?
    • Have low trust that things will be accomplished well or at all?
    • Feel the need to do everything yourself?
    • Feel as if you’re the only one in the business losing sleep?
    • Check up on every detail of the business?
    • Find you have little time to do what you like to do?
    • Feel your Managers/Supervisors rely too heavily on you for direction?

Strengthening your management team may alleviate all these symptoms.

The Solution? The Next Generation Leadership 12-Month Program

NGL is a self-paced 12-course program divided into three tracks.  Each 60-90-minute course consists of 3-6 online lessons that contain multiple formats to keep participants engaged and each lesson ends with a final review assessment.  The outline for the three tracks and individual courses is:

  1. Staff Leadership
    1. Leading Change
    2. Leading Teams
    3. Developing a Culture of Ownership
    4. Finding and Keeping Engaged Employees
  2. Client Leadership
    1. Becoming a Trusted Advisor
    2. Leading Stakeholders
    3. Handling Difficult Behavior
    4. Getting Your Point Across and Making it Stick
  3. Growing the Business
    1. Customer Touch Points
    2. Connecting & Building Relationships
    3. Extending and Expanding the Business
    4. Becoming an Effective Speaker

According to a Harvard Business Review article…
67% of companies said they needed to revamp their manager development program. Only 15% of companies felt they had qualified successors for leadership positions.

And, according to a 2014 Report by Deloitte Business Confidence Report…
48% of CXO’s said their direct reports do not have the skills needed to assume greater roles. 50% of CXO’s in waiting say they have no access to leadership training.

In addition to integrating learning with work, this self-paced program is designed to maximize learning.

    • Each course is delivered in a Learning Management System (LMS) that can be access via the internet
    • Progress and participation are tracked and reported to management
    • Courses are released monthly for twelve consecutive months
    • Monthly group or individual coaching and/or Q&A webinars is available to every participant
    • Sponsors (Supervisors) receive a monthly “cliff notes” version of the material to be covered
    • Participants will receive a weekly motivation leadership email
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