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Strategic & Execution Planning

Whether you run a 10-person company, a 1,000-person company, or any company
in-between, all face similar challenges:

• Finding, hiring, and retaining the best people (“A” players).
• Developing a simple yet different and valuable strategy that drives growth.
• Maintaining flawless, repeatable execution.
• Having enough cash to weather the storms and to be able to fuel growth.

Tackling these challenges isn’t easy, but critical for survival. It requires organizations to have clarity on where they are going, why they are going there, how they will get there and how everyone in the organization contributes. Unfortunately, this level of clarity, or alignment, does not exist in most companies and is costing them in many significant ways, including undermining the value of the business.

Spending time to think, plan, act, measure and adjust is the answer.

Our core objective at The Kelsey Group is to help owners and leaders focus strategically on the business in order to increase its sustainability and to grow its overall value. There will be a time when the ownership of the business will transition, and our goals are to help maximize the business value at the point of exit, and to have some fun along the way.

Our Strategic Planning service leverages the Scaling Up Four DecisionsTM model developed by Gazelles Inc. Our Partner, Barry Gleeson, has achieved the prominent Gazelles Certification by completing a rigorous and extensive training process learning the tools and application of the intellectual property associated with the four decision areas; specifically:

People: Having a culture of accountability
Strategy: Being able to generate sustainable revenue
Execution: Converting revenue onto industry leading profits
Cash: Being able to fuel the business without reliance on others

The Process

The Gazelles Scaling Up model was originally introduced in the Book, Mastering the Rockefeller Habits. It has been used by nearly 50,000 companies, large and small, world-wide.

The process typically followed involves:

Step 1:  Establish a leadership or planning team
Step 2:  Prepare for and conduct an off-site planning retreat (1-3 days)
Step 3:  Define Core Elements of Strategic Vision & Execution Plan
Step 4:  Implement the Meeting Rhythm Process to ensure Execution
Step 5:  Maintain focus & relevance with Quarterly Strategic Reviews
Step 6:  Annual Planning Retreat to revisit plan details & results and set new objectives

The process culminates in the development of the Gazelles “One Page Strategic Plan”. Unlike
a typical strategic planning effort, our model separates Strategic Thinking from Execution Planning. This maintains a focus on execution on an ongoing basis avoiding the frequent reality of developing a plan and then having it lost in the noise of daily demands.

The components of the plan that are addressed through the process include:


• Core Values
• Core Purpose
• Core Customer
• Brand Promise
• Start, Stop, Continue
• 3-Year Targets


• 1-Year Priorities (Rocks)
• Quarterly Priorities (Rocks)
• KPI’s
• OKR’s
• Meeting Rhythms
• Communication Cadence

Our involvement varies based on our client’s needs, budget and prior experience. Typically, we participate in:

  • Regular (monthly, quarterly and annually) business planning sessions.
  • Leadership coaching and development.
  • Organizational development initiatives

Is your company ready to Scale? Do you have the right People and Strategy, is your Execution generating industry leading profits and Cash?
Take our free Scaling Up Assessment.

Nurturing a company through the strategic planning process requires having a management team that is aligned, focused, and accountable all working with purpose toward common goals. Our tools and techniques are proven.

We’d love to help you!

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