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What if you had a better way to get new employees?

Finding (and keeping) Qualified Employees Has Become Increasingly Difficult!

    • Do you spend too much time searching for candidates?
    • Do you find it difficult to make the right hiring choices?
    • Do you experience turnover notwithstanding your best efforts?

Hiring can be a real pain! Placing ads, screening resumes, interviewing and assessing skills take a great deal of time and resources, and in most cases, you still end up with a new employee that isn’t a good fit for the job. Employee turnover is costly, and it negatively affects productivity, moral and ultimately profitability.

Our experience working with hundreds of companies has revealed a more effective way of searching for and brining on new employees.  Our process involves looking at your existing processes and identifying areas to improve.  Most companies still do what they did years ago except for online tools.

The key objective is to identify the ideal fit for both you and the candidate. Otherwise, you’ll find out after you’ve gone through the difficult and expensive effort to bringing on a new employee. We go beyond what is on the candidates resume and look more broadly at their personality, their behaviors, motivators and core skills.  We couple this with helping you define more clearly what you really have to offer, much beyond the position itself.

By using The Kelsey Group for your next hire you can take advantage of the following services and streamline the hiring process:

    • Custom Candidate Screening Questionnaires
    • Effective Filtering Tools
    • Modern Job Description Creation
    • Custom Job Postings
    • Ad Placement on Multiple Job Boards
    • Applicant Screening and Assessments
    • Face-to-Face Interviews
    • Background Checks

It’s not impossible to find great talent, realize less turnover and have a more productive workforce.

Best of all, our hiring services are scalable, affordable and easy to implement. Whether you want to Do-It-Yourself or you prefer a full-service solution, we can help.

Download our White Paper:
Hiring Tips to Increase Your Success at Hiring the Best Employees

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