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Our Services

Our services are guaranteed to bring you experience you lack, give you new perspective and allow you to use proven tools and processes 1000’s of other companies have used successfully.

Our key differentiator is the coupling of on-going strategic focus with the collective experience and perspective of our peer groups and monthly private coaching.

Our services include:

CEO Peer Advisory Boards
Who says you can’t buy experience?  Our Peer Advisory Groups, or Business Owner Roundtables, are comprised of owners of non-competing businesses that meet for a half-day monthly sharing experiences and ideas in a confidential think-tank environment. 

Executive / Management Coaching
One-on-one business coaching for owners or key executives (independent of our Peer Boards or as part of our Peer Boards), customized to the needs of the individual.  Our clients enjoy having outside perspective and a source of accountability. 

Strategic & Execution Planning
Join over 40,000+ businesses that have scaled their operations utilizing the Rockefeller Habits and the Scaling Up Strategic Planning Model. This model extends beyond traditional strategic planning initiatives with a distinct and separate focus on Execution, not just planning. 

Business Development
This service focuses on differentiating your business from your competitors and assessing the effectiveness of your sales and marketing messages in order to capture and convert more opportunities.  

Exit & Succession Planning
As an ExitMap® affiliate, we provide small business owners an organized, systematic and cost-effective approach to preparing a company for transition. It is strategy-neutral, focusing on factors that will maximize equity value regardless of the exit path chosen.  

Leadership Development
The Next Generation Leadership Program is a 12-month, self-paced management development program for existing supervisors and managers as a developmental path to become your organizations next generation of leaders.  

Employee Hiring Assistance & Screening
This service is focuses on helping ensure your processes are designed in a way that increases the efficiency of the hiring process, but, more importantly, the quality of candidates you talk with. We also follow a systematic, proven process to objectively identify and screen qualified candidates for our clients’ key positions.

Personnel Assessments
Increase your organizations productivity and moral by learning the behaviors, motivators, emotional quotient, competencies and acumen of individuals and how these attributes relate to the actual needs of the job/position. 

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